NWMUN-Portland History

Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) was founded with the creation of the flagship Seattle conference in 2007. The conference has been managed since 2008 by the Northwest Association for Global Affairs. With the ongoing success of the Seattle conference, and with strong partnerships with schools in the Portland area, a Portland conference was an obvious choice and the conference was launched in partnership with National Model United Nations in 2014 as National Model United Nations - Northwest (NMUN-NW). After a successful year of partnership and with gratitude to the NMUN organization, the Portland conference is now run solely by the Northwest Association for Global Affairs. In its second year, the conference was renamed Northwest Model United Nations - Portland.

We archive all of our old conference websites, with most of the information from the website still available. This is a service we provide for Model UN teams who have attended the conference in the past. We encourage teams to develop their own institutional memory internally, but we also keep our websites up to enable teams to consult them for past NWMUN attendance, country assignments, awards, committees, topics, and staff members.

Conference Archives

NWMUN-Portland 2018 - Archived Conference Website.

NWMUN-Portland 2017 - Archived Conference Website.

NWMUN-Portland 2016 - Archived Conference Website.

NWMUN-Portland 2015 - Archived Conference Website.

NMUN-NW 2014 - Official Conference Website, hosted by National Model United Nations.

NMUN-NW 2014 - Archived unofficial website, maintained by NWMUN, with additional information on the conference.